Brian MurphyRaised in scenic Missoula, Montana, Brian Murphy’s appreciation for the area shines through in his artwork. After graduating from Montana State University, Brian pursued a career in the construction industry. He was directly involved in the design aspect of the planning phase for high-end residential construction and spent countless hours with developers and homeowners sketching layouts and developing plans. This sparked his interest in the pixels used to display images on a computer screen and gave way to his technique of using only technical pens and single dots to define images.  The result can be seen in all of his current works. 

Brian’s pen and ink drawings are roughly sketched on paper with a pencil. He then uses a technique referred to as stippling to create the forms within the images. Next, he fills in the surrounding area with more dots to create depth and definition for each object.  Once the pen work is complete, he applies an array of colored mediums on top of the black and white images to breathe life into the picture.  Each work of art requires endless hours of pen work that creates the texture of the image.  It’s difficult to see the detailed pen work after the color has been applied to a drawing, but if you look closely at an image, it’s evident how much time and effort is involved in the creation of each picture